Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Heroes - the beginning of hope...

NBC's "Heroes" takes my breath away! The pilot episode got me hooked and subsequent episodes got me loving the show exponentially! The storyline and acting are flawless. Full of suspense, excitment, and surprise in each episode. This is definitely a one-in-a-million show!

"As a total eclipse casts its shadow across the globe, a genetics professor in India is led by father's disappearance to uncover a secret theory - there are people with super powers living among us. A young dreamer tries to convince his politician brother that he can fly. A high school cheerleader learns that she is totally indestructible. A Las Vegas stripper, struggling to make ends meet to support her young son, discovers that her mirror image has a secret. A fugitive from justice continues to baffle authorities who twice have been unable to contain him. A gifted artist, whose drug addiction is destroying his life and relationship with his girlfriend, can paint the future. A down-on-his-luck Los Angeles beat cop can hear people's thoughts, which puts him on the trail of an elusive serial killer. In Japan, a young man develops a way to stop time through sheer will power. Their ultimate destiny is nothing less than saving the world…"

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

EDTA: Part 1

Unwanted metals often find their way into food from the soil and from machinery during harveting and processing. Often these metals, such as copper, iron and nickel, then degrade the food stuffs by catalyzing the oxidation of the fats in the food. A class of food additives known as sequestrants can be added to food. The additive reacts with trace metals in foods, forming tightly bound complexes (sequestered - withdrew from use), thereby preventing the decompostion of the food.

The sodium and calcium salts of EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) are common sequestrants in many kinds of foods and beverages.

EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid). The EDTA molecule can bind to metal ions by forming six bonds to it - two from nitrogen atoms in amino groups and four from oxygen atoms in carboxyl groups.

Lead poisoning is hence treated with EDTA, but of course the downside of it is calcium ions and other essential metal ions are drained as well.

To be continued...


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The last one

I got all my university offers now, but one...

The most anticipated one...

Impatiently, anxiously, waiting for Oxford's reply...

December 15th...

Not in the mood to write anything productive. But if you are bored, check out "Phd comics" (stuck on the right column ) - an extremely exaggerated chronicle of university life - or not?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Hello today!

Hi! Welcome to my fresh new blog!

You can visit my old blog here.

In this blog, I'm planning to record my experiences at a university in a country called United Kingdom. (Ok... I sound like an alien who just landed on Earth.) And in between these experiences, I will add whatever that catches my attention.

But right now, I'm in a thick mist of uncertainty because:

(a) I don't know which university yet. (I'm in my last year of secondary education, in the midst of the UCAS application process and A-level exams.)

(b) I've only been to United Kingdom twice, and there's no one I know there. (Strictly, not true, but true enough.)

(c) Global disasters

(d) World War III

(e) Avian flu outbreak

The list goes on forever.

Hopefully, I'll make it.