Monday, November 20, 2006

Hello today!

Hi! Welcome to my fresh new blog!

You can visit my old blog here.

In this blog, I'm planning to record my experiences at a university in a country called United Kingdom. (Ok... I sound like an alien who just landed on Earth.) And in between these experiences, I will add whatever that catches my attention.

But right now, I'm in a thick mist of uncertainty because:

(a) I don't know which university yet. (I'm in my last year of secondary education, in the midst of the UCAS application process and A-level exams.)

(b) I've only been to United Kingdom twice, and there's no one I know there. (Strictly, not true, but true enough.)

(c) Global disasters

(d) World War III

(e) Avian flu outbreak

The list goes on forever.

Hopefully, I'll make it.


Anonymous said...

cheers to your new blog! hope you get loads and loads and loads of comments!!! hehe. in a super good mood today coz i got my medical ethics presentation done and over with! waiting for the celebration movie on thursday (most likely Step Up at IFC), and no class on friday! hah, i love uni!!!


celeritas said...

Medical ethics? Like who should get the treatment first - the dying patient or the super-rich man? Anyways, good for you.

Anonymous said...

well, so far we've just learnt about the components of a good PPR (patient-physician relationship) and a bunch of other principles, the informed consent procedure, etc. we have four cases, and our group was assigned case 1 where the mother was dying of cancer but the family didn't want her to know. in the end the doctor didn't tell her, so we had to evaluate whether he did the right thing. stuff like that. the presentation was 50 minutes, recorded!, and we're graded on it. but not like it really matters, just pass/fail, and it's kinda hard to fail it. yeah, so why don't you update more about what's going on in school! like the stuff you found funny/weird - i mean, there's no way you can't find one special sth about your day to talk about, right? coz i sense that your entries are becoming more and more depressing....


celeritas said...

It's kind of depressing. I am counting the days until school finally ends. I am so bored of it. 219 days until June 30th (last day of school). Thankfully, we have so many holidays, I only have to attend 56% of that many days.

Probably the least depressing thing at school right now is ECA - guess which ECA I'm doing.

Anonymous said...

quite honestly, is school that bad?? was school ever fun for you? i mean, i understand it when you look foward to your next holiday...coz i do that all the time, but looking forward to the end of the school year...i've never felt that way before. yeah, so which eca are you doing? i think i can rule out all the JA programmes, and knitting. lol.

Anonymous said...

United Kingdom isn't too bad. ;)