Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Foreign languages: oui or nein?

When I started learning foreign languages (French and German), I loved it! I was young (about 10 years old) and I absorbed vocabulary fast. But as more complex grammar and vocabulary sunk in, and as there are more essay assignments, my love for language faded.

When I was fifteen or so, I attended language lessons solely because of exams. By then, I hated and dreaded language lessons!

As soon as I dropped languages at A-level, I was so relieved and happy! No more essays, stupid grammar, loads of vocabulary to learn, weird accents - extremely hard work really!

But unexpectedly, I kind of miss it now...

So, I am planning to brush up my foreign languages with the following podcasts. Feel free to do so too - these are for beginners. I will probably take up a foreign language at university too. I feel that knowing more languages open up so many more opportunities.

Deutsch (it's hilarious!):

Online dictionaries
Deutsch: LEO
Fran├žais: ARTFL

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