Saturday, February 03, 2007

Uneventful day?

Today was supposed to an uneventful day. Nothing to do, nobody at home - brother's playing tennis then birthday party afterwards, my dad is also playing tennis with his friends, my mother's playing mahjong in her friend's house. Also, they will not be coming back home for dinner. So today was supposed to be all by myself. And that's supposed to be a good thing.

And I was planning to stay at home. Watching TV, taking a very very long bubble bath, whatever.

But then my neighbour, whose son I tutor, called me to go to her place to help her son with some homework. So I left home, sigh, but I thought to myself this should be quick. And sure it was quick.

Joyfully, I went back home. And then crap! I forgot to bring the keys! And usually there was somebody at home! But NOBODY this time! CRAP! I was at that moment the unluckiest person on earth! This unlocking-myself-out-of home-accidentally actually happened a few times. But come on - a weekend. For the whole day?!?

And.... well nothing good after that.

I walked around to pass time...

and froze to death.

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